Future Flying Fourm 2021

10 November 07:00 – 13:00 (GMT)
11 November 13:00 – 19:00 (GMT)
Virtual Event

Speaker Profile

Rob McKinney

CEO, Northern Pacific Airways

Rob McKinney is chief executive officer of FLOAT Alaska LLC and its subsidiaries--Northern Pacific Airways and Ravn Alaska, where he leads a team of 400 employees and manages a growing fleet of aircraft that fly to destinations statewide. In addition to being a Learjet captain, Rob has over thirty years of airline experience piloting commercial aircraft and managing flight operations. In 2002, as VP and director of operations at Pacific Wings, a Hawaiian-based commuter airline, Rob oversaw exponential customer growth which tripled passenger traffic during his three-year tenure. He thereafter joined Mokulele Airlines in Hawaii as chief operating officer, where he successfully converted the company from a small air-touring service, into a fully scheduled commuter airline. Rob returned stateside in 2007 to join SeaPort Airlines, a small startup based in Portland, Oregon. As chief operations officer, and later chief executive officer at SeaPort, Rob established a commuter shuttle service between Portland and Seattle. In 2018, Rob co-founded FLOAT (Fly Over All Traffic) Shuttle Inc., a commuter and corporate transportation service in southern California. In April 2020, Rob and the FLOAT Shuttle Inc. team orchestrated the acquisition of Ravn Air Group. Rob received his Bachelor of Science in Technology from Purdue University and has an MBA from Ellis College/NYIT. He hails from the state of Indiana.